How to Feel your Feelings

What do you do when you feel sad, angry, or anxious? Do you take time to sit and process these feelings, or do you try to hide from them? I think our natural tendency is to try to stuff down these feelings. But that is actually the worst thing that we can do. Our...

Compare no more!

Do you ever compare yourself to people around you and feel like you’re not adding up? Do you think that others have it all together, or are better off than you are? Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in comparison and feeling badly about yourself? I think it...

Top 5 Tools to Stop Anxiety

Earlier this week a friend told me that she was having panic attacks at work whenever she had to confront her boss. She had a meeting scheduled for later that day and asked if I knew of any exercises she could do to prevent her anxiety from getting the best of her. I...

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