A Drama-Free Way to Get Rid of Your Kids' Halloween Candy

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Hi friends! I hope you all had a happy Halloween week celebrating with your families!

After a fun filled week full of trick or treating, friends and family, we’ve hit a turning point related to the sugar consumption in our household. That’s what I want to talk to you about today!

I’ve always been really conscious of the effect that sugar has on our little ones. I’ve seen firsthand how quickly it can affect my 3 year old daughter, June, and have noticed that whenever she has too much sugar she becomes hyper, a little crazy, and really emotional. I’ve also witnessed the addictive nature of sugar, and how one treat quickly leads to a desire to have another, and then another, leading to an unhealthy cycle.

As a result of this, we try to limit sugar in our house. We drink water instead of juice unless it’s a special occasion and try to make healthier choices with snacks. I believe in moderation, so we still have treats and desserts but we make a conscious effort to choose them wisely.

Due to the nature of Halloween we’ve had more candy than usual in the house this week. This is the first year that June really understands Halloween so I’ve let her indulge a bit more than usual. On Halloween day, she had way too much candy which led to a terrible night where she was hyper and rambunctious in the bath, which was not only chaotic, but also dangerous, and then she refused to go to sleep. It was a rough night that reminded me why I usually limit her sugar intake.

At the end of the night, I felt terrible because I knew that this was something that could have been avoided. I felt guilty seeing June not acting like herself and knowing that it was a direct result of my permissiveness with the candy, so I decided to throw the remaining candy away.

I knew that this would lead to tears the next morning when she inevitably asked for more candy, but luckily, I heard about a Halloween legend called the “Switch Witch” and that saved the day!

The Switch Witch is a witch that comes on Halloween and switches out your kids’ candy with a toy or present! I LOVED this idea and knew that it was the right choice for our family since we were all at the end of our rope with the candy consumption.

The next morning when June woke up, we talked about what happened the night before and how eating too much candy can make us feel a little wild and crazy, and can even make us sick. I told her that the Switch Witch had taken her candy, but would be coming back to replace it with a gift while she was at school. She got really excited about it and forgot all about the candy, instead talking about the toy she hoped she would get.

When I picked her up from school, the first thing she said was “Mommy did the Switch Witch come?!” I told her that she had and then when she get home she opened her present and played with it the rest of the afternoon… candy long forgotten!

I love the idea of the Switch Witch because I believe in rewarding ourselves for making smart choices.

If you are a candy hating mom like I am ;), I invite you to try this idea! Talk to your children honestly about why giving up their candy is a good idea. Tell them about the Switch Witch and see how they react.

Seeing the negative effects of sugar on my little one has also made me more conscious of the effects that it has not just on children, but on all of us. I have always had a sweet tooth and as a result, it is something that I try to limit in my diet, however, it’s also something that easily sneaks back in. Watching the addictive effects of it on my daughter has caused me to reflect on my own addictive tendencies with sugar, and I’ve started to really clean up our pantry and start my own sugar detox.

If sugary snacks and candy are something that you struggle with yourself, I invite you to use the Switch Witch idea for yourself! Clean out your pantry of excess candy, sugar, and sweets and reward yourself with something that you have been looking forward to! I am treating myself to a new pair of sneakers as a way to symbolize the healthier lifestyle that I am embarking on.

Please let me know if you try out the Switch Witch idea and how it goes for you!

Wishing you a happy and healthy week ahead!

Be well,

Ambar Gingerelli

Hi, I’m Ambar.

I’m a mommy + me yoga instructor, writer, and life coach. I am here to help you decrease stress so that you can take good care of yourself and your family.

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