The New Self Care

by | Sep 11, 2016 | Health, Motherhood | 2 comments

Self care refers to anything that we do to take care of ourselves and show ourselves a little extra love and attention. Before I became a mom, I was the queen of self care. I went for hour long walks on the beach daily. I got my nails done religiously every two weeks and had an ongoing monthly massage package at the local spa. Angelo and I went out to dinner multiple times a week. I had plenty of time to take yoga classes and cooked healthy meals almost everyday. I felt I lived an easy-going, luxurious lifestyle. I had a very peaceful life, and it felt great.
To say that my self care routine has changed a lot since becoming a mom would be an understatement. The monthly massage package was the first to go (even though, ironically, I now need that massage more than ever!). I’ve gotten my nails done 4 times since Christmas (note: it is now September)! I wear my hair in a bun 90% of the time. If the old me saw me now, she wouldn’t recognize me. The truth is, all of these acts of self care that seemed so important before are no longer a priority for me. Sure, I could find time to get my nails done every other week, and I could leave June with Angelo while I go for a walk every evening, but I just don’t want to. Most of the time, I’d rather just be with my family.
But, that’s not to say that I no longer take care of myself. Quite the contrary, actually. I’ve just started to look at self care differently. In this stage of my life, self care looks more like going for a morning walk by the beach while pushing my daughter in her stroller so that we can both get some fresh air. It means putting a mask on my face for 5 minutes before I get in the shower. It’s having fresh flowers on the kitchen table and starting my day with a nutritious breakfast. It’s calling a friend to vent when I’m having a hard day. It’s lighting candles or diffusing essential oils. Self care means getting out of bed a little early so that I can do 10 minutes of yoga before the baby wakes up, or doing sun salutations in her room while she entertains herself by pulling every single onesie she owns out of her dresser drawers. It’s closing my eyes and meditating while I feed her before bed. It’s asking my husband how his day was and then being fully present to hear his answer so that we can truly connect. You see, I’ve learned that self care doesn’t have to be this big grandiose thing that I do to treat myself several times a month. Instead, every single moment of my day is an opportunity to show myself that I care.
So, I invite you to take on this new definition of self care and apply it to your own life. Where in your day can you add in small ways to show yourself a little extra love and appreciation?
Give yourself a little extra love this week! You deserve it.

Be well,

Ambar Gingerelli

Hi, I’m Ambar.

I’m a mommy + me yoga instructor, writer, and life coach. I am here to help you decrease stress so that you can take good care of yourself and your family.

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