Yoga and Stress Relief Services for Women and Families

Thank You For Being You: A Letter to my Daughter

My first children’s book, “Thank You For Being You: A Letter to my Daughter” is now available on Amazon!

This book was written as a reminder of the many gifts of motherhood. Many times, we think that we are teaching our little ones about life, when in reality, it turns out that they are the ones teaching us! Our children truly are our greatest teachers and “Thank You For Being You” will help you remember that fact.

Life Coaching for Stress Relief

The first step in relieving stress is to acknowledge it and tell someone how you feel. If you are ready to do that, I can help you figure out the rest!

I help my coaching clients reduce stress and overwhelm and add simple, doable self care routines into their busy lives. Whether you are struggling with relationship issues, chronic busy-ness, or adjusting to motherhood or any other major life change, life coaching can help.

Yoga With Littles Group Program

This online program teaches you everything you need to start your very own mommy + me yoga routine at home!

Learn to connect and bond with your little ones by sharing the gift of yoga. It’s the perfect way to bring more calm into your home.

Client Love

"My mind isn't always racing anymore. I feel so much more sane and at peace after making the changes we talked about.”

"I’ve learned to listen to my body and rest when I need to. I am not as stressed and anxious as I have been and I have more energy and mental clarity than I did before."

“I’m more calm and relaxed. As a new mom, I thought that I had to do things a certain way. You helped me realize that I can follow my heart.”

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