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Take a Gratitude Walk

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!

Angelo, June, & I are spending a quiet Thanksgiving at home this year. Maybe your holiday plans look a little bit different, too. Just because things are different doesn’t mean that they have to be worse. Although we may be missing our traditional family gatherings, this is the perfect time to start new traditions and focus on what matters most.

One of the new traditions that our family will be trying out this year is taking a gratitude walk!

What is a gratitude walk?

A gratitude walk is a stroll that you take while practicing gratitude and either talking or thinking about all of the many things in your life that you are thankful for.

How to take a gratitude walk:

Plan a time for your walk. You can take your walk first thing in the morning, after your Thanksgiving feast, or in the evening. Figure out what will work best with your schedule and let your family in on your plans.

Dress appropriately for the weather, and take a stroll around your neighborhood. As you walk, start out by talking about all of the simple things that you see that you are thankful for – things such as sunshine, nice weather, falling leaves, kind neighbors, and the beauty of nature surrounding you.

Next take it one step deeper and discuss gratitude over things like warm clothing, your safe neighborhood, your good health, and the opportunity to spend time together.

The last step is to talk about what you most appreciate about one another. Give each member of the family a chance to discuss what they love and admire most about the other family members. Make sure to take in the nice things that your family has to say about you and send them love as you express your appreciation for them.

Walk for as long as you wish and focus on how walking in gratitude makes you feel.

Enjoy the opportunity to slow down and savor the present moment this holiday season.

Wishing you a week full of love + gratitude.

Be well,

How to Be More Present in the Moment

Practicing presence with my family this weekend 🙂

Last week, my family and I set out for a beach day. It started out as a bust because as soon as we got there, it started raining, so we had to run for cover like the rest of the beachgoers.

But, as our time waiting for the rain to pass got longer, it started to feel kind of nice. The three of us have been spending ALOT of time together lately (because #quarantinelife), but something about this time felt a little bit different. We were stuck waiting for the rain to pass for close to an hour, and I started to realize that this together time felt different because we were completely undistracted with nothing to do except talk to each other and watch the rain. It made me realize the importance of being present with one another, and that just because we’re together almost all of the time now, it doesn’t mean that we’re spending quality time together.

So, I came up with 3 ways to practice being more present with my loved ones. I want to share this with you in case you want to be more mindful about spending quality time with the people you love most.

  1. Put your phone away

    This one is a little obvious, but if you want to be present with the people around you, you have to put down your phone. Our phones are a major distraction from what’s going on right in front of us. Make an effort to be where your feet are, and find some time each day away from the phone.

  2. Watch your body language

    Our body language is a big part of the way that we communicate with others. If you want to show the people you love that they are special to you, you can use your body language to demonstrate your love for them. This means looking them in the eye, turning your body towards them, uncrossing your arms and getting down to children’s eye level. Use your body language to communicate that you are open and willing to engage with the people you love.

  3. Notice your surroundings

    The final step in being present in the moment is to engage your senses and pay attention to the things going on around you. Enjoy your environment by indulging in your senses. Notice the things you can see, hear, touch, and taste. Coming back to your senses is a quick way to bring your awareness back to the present moment anytime your mind starts to wander. By being aware of your surroundings, you force yourself to acknowledge what’s happening in the moment, which then allows you to be more present with the people you are sharing the experience with.

And that’s it! Practice these 3 steps and you’ll notice yourself feeling much more connected to the people around you. You will start to see how good it feels to live in the present moment… at least some of the time!

Wishing you a week full of love and presence!

Be well,

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