Winter Solstice : Be the Light

Hi friends!The holidays are upon us, winter has arrived, and yesterday we celebrated the winter solstice which represents the darkest day of the year. Today we begin the process of slowly moving back toward the light. During these dark days, it’s important to...

A Special Way to Welcome Spring

Happy Spring friends! Earlier this week we celebrated the Spring Equinox, where we have equal amounts of daylight and darkness. Now that springtime is underway, the amount of daylight is slowly increasing each day. I like to think of this time of year as a time where...

How to Create Simple Rituals to Celebrate Autumn

Hi friends! Autumn is upon us, even if the weather doesn’t particularly reflect that (at least here in NJ) right now! One thing that has been really helpful for me in my self development journey, is learning to celebrate and live by the seasons. Nature offers us so...

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