Is bedtime driving you crazy? This will help.

Do your kids go to sleep on their own? At almost 5 years old, we still lay with June until she falls asleep. Sometimes it’s a drag, and sometimes it feels like the best part of my day. The other night I was laying waiting for her to drift off, thinking about all...

How to Stop Dreading Bedtime with Littles

For the first 3 years of my daughter’s life, my husband and I felt that we had lucked out with a little one that was a good sleeper. Our baby, June, quickly started waking up just once per night for most of her infancy (something I could totally deal with after...

3 Reasons Why You Need an Evening Routine

Hey friends, I’ve talked a lot about why having a morning routine is so important. Now I want to share why having an evening routine matters just as much! I have found that having both morning and evening routines is a beautiful way to start and end the day...

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