How to Make Every Moment of Your Life Feel Special

How to Make Every Moment Special
Lately I’ve been playing a lot with the idea of making everyday moments feel more special. It’s easy to think about the big moments in life as special and sacred… our wedding day, our babies being born, birthdays and holidays; these days and moments all have a celebratory feel to them. But, what if we could make everyday a reason to celebrate? We are so blessed to be alive. Every moment of this life is a miracle, why not start to treat them as such?
Celebrating the little moments throughout my day is something I’m always working towards. I think the best way to start is by creating small rituals and routines throughout your day that anchor you in the intention of celebrating each moment, even the ordinary ones. Here is an example of what an ideal day in my life would look like:
Morning Ritual:
Wake up before my daughter, June. Roll out my yoga mat, light a candle, and do a short yoga and meditation practice.
June wakes up. Go get her from her room, take a few minutes to snuggle and play before getting her dressed for the day.
Breakfast Ritual:
Light a candle while making breakfast for the two of us. Listen to some upbeat music while making a green smoothie for us to share. Sit together and enjoy my smoothie, really taking the time to notice how it tastes, while welcoming this sweet morning moment with my daughter.
Blow out breakfast candle to transition out of breakfast time. Put some uplifting essential oils in the diffuser and have June play and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Sesame Street while I clean up the kitchen and get ready to start our day. Listen to one of my favorite motivational podcasts while getting ready.
Take June out to play. Depending on the weather, maybe we walk to the park or beach, go to an indoor play place, run some errands, or meet up with friends. I stay off my phone and take the time to connect with my daughter.
Lunchtime Ritual:
We go back home and start getting ready for lunch. Again, I light a candle while I make lunch. I make a pitcher of fruit infused water to sip throughout the day, and it feels like a treat. June and I enjoy our lunch together before she gets ready for her nap.
Naptime Ritual:
Diffuse lavender essential oil in June’s room and rock her in her rocking chair. I put her down for her nap, go downstairs, and make myself a cup of tea. Depending on my mood, I may take this hour to read a magazine or fiction book, catch up on my TV shows, or work on my blog.
June wakes up from her nap. We go for an afternoon walk around the block. We point out all of the birds, leaves, and flowers and enjoy our little nature walk.
Dinner Prep Ritual:
I set June up in her playroom while I get ready to start dinner. I light a candle, choose a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks (Right now, I’m loving The Happy Cook, by Daphne Oz), and get to work.

My husband, Angelo gets home from work and plays with June while I set the table with fresh flowers and a candle. Angelo puts some mellow music on and we have a family dance party before we get ready to transition to dinnertime.
Dinner Ritual:
We light our mealtime candle and say a sweet poem before starting our family dinner. Lately we’ve been using: “Thank you for the food before us, the family beside us, and the love between us.”  We enjoy some family time together while eating dinner.
Angelo gives June a bath while I go take a shower. I put on some relaxing music, put on a face mask and use my favorite sugar scrub in the shower. I feel relaxed and refreshed after taking this short time to myself. I fight the urge to put on my worn out Christmas pajama pants, and instead put on a soft nightgown.
June’s Bedtime Ritual:
Again, we diffuse lavender essential oil in June’s room. She knows that this is part of her cue to wind down to go to sleep. Angelo reads her a couple of books after her bath. I snuggle and rock her in her chair until she falls asleep.
Evening Ritual:
Light a candle and enjoy some alone time with my husband. We might watch one of our favorite shows, read together, or try one of the at-home date night ideas from last week’s post.
Bedtime Ritual:
I put on my favorite moisturizer, dim the lights, and read a chapter of my favorite book before going to bed. Angelo and I take turns telling each other 3 things we are grateful for from the day.
And that’s it. There’s nothing glamourous about the day I just described, there are just simple, intentional actions spread out throughout the day. These small actions anchor me in the present moment and give me ammunition to get through the rest of the day, even in moments where I feel exhausted, or my daughter is being challenging. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to light a candle, buy fresh flowers, or choose a nightgown over old sweatpants. It just takes intention. This commitment to enjoying life and treating every moment as special is key to creating a happy and fulfilled life.
What are your favorite ways to treat the ordinary moments as special? Please share in the comments below!
Wishing you a special week.
Be well,
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