How to Celebrate Christmas Regardless of Your Religion

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Happy Holidays my beautiful friends! We all have different things that we believe in. We were each raised with different traditions and beliefs, and we all celebrate different things. This can make the holidays feel a bit divisive. I believe that each holiday has its own universal theme that we can all celebrate together. I want to share my ideas for how you can celebrate Christmas, regardless of your personal religious beliefs.
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. I think we can all agree that Jesus was an awesome guy. He healed the sick, fed the poor, befriended the outcasts, and loved everyone unconditionally. In these respects, we could all use a little more Jesus in our lives.
Jesus represents faith, hope, and love. We can all honor and celebrate Christmas by cultivating these qualities within ourselves, and sharing them out in the world.
Faith is the belief in something bigger than ourselves. It is the understanding that there is something more to life, far beyond what the eye can see. How can you be more faithful? Can you get out in nature, pray, worship, and meditate? Can you develop a deeper connection with your loved ones? Can you find a way to connect with the energy around you? Can you dance, sing, and play in a way that makes you feel energetically linked to more than just your physical body? Can you open a line of communication with whatever, or whoever it is that you believe in, whether it’s the Universe, God, Jesus, angels, nature, or something else?
Hope is the belief that things will turn out for the best. How can you be more hopeful? Can you rest assured that all is well? Can you start to believe that life is happening for your benefit, and that even the difficult circumstances are opportunities to grow? Can you trust that the world wants to support you, that all of your wishes can be granted, that your dreams are possible, and that life is always bringing you exactly what you need at any given moment?
And finally, love. How can you bring more love into your life, and into the lives of those around you? Is there someone that you could love more unconditionally? Is there someone you need to forgive, maybe even yourself? Can you make eye contact with strangers and silently bless them? Can you be more loving toward yourself? Can you demonstrate your love for your family and friends more fully? Is there someone in your community in need of assistance? Can you show love by being helpful? Who can you help today?
Merry Christmas, dear friends. Wishing you a holiday full of much hope, faith and love.
Be well,

Ambar Gingerelli

Hi, I’m Ambar.

I’m a mommy + me yoga instructor, writer, and life coach. I am here to help you decrease stress so that you can take good care of yourself and your family.

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