5 More Tools to Stop Anxiety

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5 ways to stop anxiety
A while back I wrote a post about my Top 5 Tools to Stop Anxiety. After overcoming the anxiety that I’ve experienced for most of my life, I’ve learned that the same tools that work to stop anxiety one day, might not work as effectively another day. That’s why it’s so important to have an entire toolbox of tricks and techniques to experiment with at any given time. This past week was challenging for me and I felt very anxious and stressed. Thankfully, I’m coming around on the other side of it now. I thought it would be helpful to share the tools that I’ve used to manage my anxiety most recently, so that you can have 5 more tools to add to your anti-anxiety toolkit.
Essential oils have been my first defense when anxiety arises. I love my oils and have found them to be very comforting and healing. Whenever I feel anxious, I dilute a few drops of my favorite oils with coconut oil, and apply to the bottoms of my feet where they are quickly absorbed, and also to different pulse points like the back of my neck, ears, and wrists. I personally use doTerra oils, and my go-to oil when I’m feeling anxious is called Console, which is a blend of frankincense, patchouli, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and more. I find it to be really soothing and feels like a hug in a bottle. There are many different types of essential oils, and each of our bodies responds differently to each oil, since we are all so unique. I would recommend trying a few different oils to see what works best for you. Some oils that are known to be particularly calming include lavender, rose, and frankincense.
Anxiety can feel really isolating. Whenever I feel anxious, the simple act of telling someone how I feel can be very helpful. We don’t always need a full blown therapy session, simply talking to a friend and stating that you are feeling anxious can be enough to validate your feelings and start the healing process. Whenever I feel anxious, I tend to get lost in my head a lot, which only exacerbates the anxiety. By voicing my feelings, it gets me out of my own head. A lot of times, if you are open about your feelings, it gives permission for others to do the same. In sharing about my anxiety with others, I’ve learned that there are many of us who struggle with anxiety from time to time. This has been helpful in showing me that I’m not alone, that there are many people out there who can relate, and that we can all join together to support each other through challenging times.
The act of making myself a cup of tea feels really nurturing when I feel anxious. Celestial Seasonings makes a brand of tea called “Tension Tamer“, which I have been drinking for over a decade. It reminds me of snuggling on the couch in the house I grew up in, and makes me feel warm and held. When anxiety arises, it can be really helpful to ground yourself with a simple pleasure. For me, it’s a cup of tea, but for you, maybe it’s chicken soup, hot water with lemon, or a cup of coffee. Know which of life’s simple comforts feel nourishing to you, and turn to them frequently whenever you need a little extra boost.
Sometimes anxiety can feel terribly crippling and the only way to release it is to cry it out. At times, I have trouble expressing my feelings and tend to hold them all inside. I know that this is not healthy, and when I am feeling extra anxious, sometimes the best cure is to have a good cry. Crying helps move emotion through our body so that we can process our feelings. A good cry releases pent up frustrations and allows us the opportunity to let go of some of the stress that we are carrying. Crying is an act of self care. If your anxiety starts to feel like too much for you to hold onto, allow yourself to cry it out.
The one thing I’ve learned from my struggles with anxiety, is that it always passes. Life is cyclical, and by nature, our emotions come and go if we allow them the space to do so. By trying all of these different coping skills, I am training my mind and body to process anxious feelings, let them move through me, and then let them go. I am aware that as long as I am doing what I can to manage my feelings and feel better, eventually the anxiety will pass. This is something really important to remind yourself when you are in the midst of an anxious spell. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can, that your anxiety will not last forever, and that before you know it you will be on the other side.
I hope you find these tips helpful. Please let me know if you have any other tools for managing anxiety. I would love to add them to my anti-anxiety toolkit!
Wishing you a calm + peaceful week ahead.
Be well,

If you want more tools for relieving stress, I’ve created a beautiful printable poster filled with 50 simple ways to feel better fast. You can download it by clicking on the above image. Enjoy!

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